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Full Stacked iteVideo Editing

Full Stacked iteVideo Editing

Lets face it, video editing takes a long time and is painful at times to do. We will give you more time to create and record your content while we edit your video(s).

Whether you are a big time YouTuber or new to being a YouTuber, we edit videos for all.

We will give you an attention grabbing opener AND outro scene. Within the body (the actual content) of the video, we will edit according to your specifications or add in fillers (text, pop-ups, audio, sound effect) in where we deem as necessary and attention grabbing. 

Still with us? Great! Lets do a quick cost efficiency analysis to put it into perspective:
1. Just creating an Intro or Outro scene will cost you at least $5 and this is the minimum/cheapest option out there... quality not guaranteed whatsoever.
2. Audio? Sound effects? Just to license (quality audio & sound effects) these will run you at the least, $80 and this is hopefully, a one-time fee and not the typical monthly subscriptions.
3. Actual quality edits within the video to make sure the viewers don't bash on terrible editing? This is hard to put a number on but the cost will probably start around $500.

As you can tell, assuming all the above costs were a one-time fee, you'd be paying at least $590 per video. Also, take into account that these editors will never treat your video as if it is their most valuable asset in life. 

So why us? Well, for only $25 per video, we will create an intro and outro scene as well as editing the entire video with pop-ups, texts, sound effects, and audio. The best part? We love editing videos! So we will treat YOUR video as if it is OUR video and who wants to release bad videos? We sure don't.

Not sure we can handle your video/project? Contact us here!


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